Marco Kenyon Rolfe is the founder of KENYON ROLFE ®, an emerging luxury brand headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Marco grew up with his mother and little sister in the heart of Tampa Bay. The more he grew up, the more he realized how many impoverished families there were.

Marco quickly realized that he could be the change he thought the world needed to see.

From there, he began orchestrating holiday charity events, giving back to his community. His first was a thanksgiving drive, which resulted in a huge success, feeding more than 200 homeless men and women.

Marco felt that he couldn't just stop there, he wanted to build something tangible that would provide inspiration to the hopeless youths in many communities who feel trapped in a society that isn't designed for them to succeed.

Driven on this mission, Marco quit his full-time job and withdrew himself from one of the biggest colleges in the state, University of South Florida (USF). He wanted to dedicate his time, energy, and capital into building this brand, knowing the impact it would have on so many others.

KENYON ROLFE officially launched on Juneteenth 2019. which was intentional for him. Juneteenth, also celebrated as Freedom day, represents everything he stands for.

He believes that the expansion of KENYON ROLFE will help him free so many others through inspiration by showing aspiring entrepreneurs what's possible by following their dreams and INVESTING IN THEMSELVES.

Marco is just 22 years of age (2021) and feels that he is just scratching the surface on his potential and the impact he will have on the world.

His future plans includes expanding KENYON ROLFE to an international brand, continuing on his philanthropy journey, and most importantly pouring his knowledge, wealth, and resources into the next generation of entrepreneurs.